All Deployments: Trusted Endpoints Certificate Generation Issue
Incident Report for Duo
We have confirmed that customers are now able to generate certificates without errors, and that the issue is resolved. Our provider has been contacted and are investigating the issue. We will share details on the nature of the issue and the root cause as it becomes available.
Posted Aug 12, 2023 - 13:18 EDT
A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Posted Aug 12, 2023 - 12:48 EDT
We are continuing to investigate this issue.
Posted Aug 12, 2023 - 11:36 EDT
We are currently investigating an issue impacting the generation of certificates for use with Trusted Endpoints on all deployments. Existing endpoint certificates will continue to allow users to authenticate successfully. We will provide more details as soon as they are available.
Posted Aug 12, 2023 - 11:23 EDT
This incident affected: DUO1 (Cloud PKI), DUO2 (Cloud PKI), DUO3 (Cloud PKI), DUO4 (Cloud PKI), DUO5 (Cloud PKI), DUO6 (Cloud PKI), DUO7 (Cloud PKI), DUO8 (Cloud PKI), DUO10 (Cloud PKI), DUO9 (Cloud PKI), DUO11 (Cloud PKI), DUO12 (Cloud PKI), DUO13 (Cloud PKI), DUO15 (Cloud PKI), DUO14 (Cloud PKI), DUO16 (Cloud PKI), DUO17 (Cloud PKI), DUO18 (Cloud PKI), DUO19 (Cloud PKI), DUO20 (Cloud PKI), DUO21 (Cloud PKI), DUO22 (Cloud PKI), DUO23 (Cloud PKI), DUO24 (Cloud PKI), DUO25 (Cloud PKI), DUO26 (Cloud PKI), DUO27 (Cloud PKI), DUO28 (Cloud PKI), DUO29 (Cloud PKI), DUO30 (Cloud PKI), DUO31 (Cloud PKI), DUO32 (Cloud PKI), DUO33 (Cloud PKI), DUO34 (Cloud PKI), DUO36 (Cloud PKI), DUO37 (Cloud PKI), DUO38 (Cloud PKI), DUO39 (Cloud PKI), DUO40 (Cloud PKI), DUO41 (Cloud PKI), DUO42 (Cloud PKI), DUO43 (Cloud PKI), DUO44 (Cloud PKI), DUO45 (Cloud PKI), DUO46 (Cloud PKI), DUO47 (Cloud PKI), DUO48 (Cloud PKI), DUO49 (Cloud PKI), DUO50 (Cloud PKI), DUO51 (Cloud PKI), DUO52 (Cloud PKI), DUO53 (Cloud PKI), DUO54 (Cloud PKI), DUO55 (Cloud PKI), DUO56 (Cloud PKI), DUO57 (Cloud PKI), DUO58 (Cloud PKI), DUO59 (Cloud PKI), DUO60 (Cloud PKI), DUO61 (Cloud PKI), DUO62 (Cloud PKI), DUO63 (Cloud PKI), DUO64 (Cloud PKI), DUO65 (Cloud PKI), DUO66 (Cloud PKI), DUO67 (Cloud PKI), DUO68 (Cloud PKI), DUO69 (Cloud PKI), DUO70 (Cloud PKI), DUO71 (Cloud PKI), DUO72 (Cloud PKI), DUO73 (Cloud PKI), and DUO35 (Cloud PKI).